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The Society of Prosvita originated in Ukraine, mainly to educate the people and to help develop the culture. Early Ukrainian settlers to Canada depended on organizations such as Prosvita for information and enlightenment. The Regina branch was established in 1921, making it is the oldest Ukrainian operating organization in Regina.

ddddFor many decades the Society of Prosvita operated from 1817 Quebec Street. This facility was sold when the Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium was built at 1625 Montreal Street.

Most of Prosvita's efforts go toward the support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its community. The organization is a strong supporter of the Mohyla Institute in Saskatoon and the Ukrainian Voice. Fund raising for all of the above has been a major project for the organization and large amounts of money have been raised. Other projects supported include Selo Gardens, Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, and Ukrainian Orthodox Youth projects.


President: Orest Warnyca -- 306-584-1844
Vice-President: Steve Pillipow -- 306-586-6805
Secretary: Michael Makowsky -- 306-789-0480
Treasurer Russ Pankiw -- 306-775-2145

Members at Large:
Gladys Matkowski
Mark Dumanski
Michael Zaleschuk
Marge Dumanski