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Selo Gardens

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Selo Gardens,

1110 McNiven Avenue, sponsored by the Regina Ukrainian Orthodox Housing Corp., (non-profit), is an attractive planned community for senior citizens. This spaciously landscaped development offers independent living accomodations, communal facilities for dining, socializing, recreation, crafts and support services that promote an enriched, enjoyable lifestyle.Located on a five acre site in a desirable residential area, the complex retains and integrates McNiven School including the gymnasium where dining, lounge, games, crafts, reading and physical fitness facilities are located. A chapel is also included.

Unique to this project is the all weather climate controlled walk-way linking all facilities. The link-way is heavily glassed and features sitting areas and a greenhouse. An enclosed court-yard affords privacy, and ample grounds are fully landscaped with lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs, shade and fruit trees. Space is available for gardening. Adjacent parkland, and nearby Wascana Centre contribute as well to an exceptional housing environment.

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1110 McNiven Ave

Phone: 584-1844

Fax: 585-3200

Manager: Orest Warnyca


Myrrh Bearing Women,

The Myrrh-Bearing Women, from their own possessions, followed and served our Lord and His disciples during his ministry on earth. They also aided the poor and sick. During our Lordís suffering on the Cross, when the apostles ran away in fear, the Myrrh-Bearing women did not abandon Jesus. They stood at the Golgotha (place of the Crucifixion) and helped ease the suffering and pain of Mary, the Mother of God. After His death, the Myrrh-Bearing Women continued to serve Him. Early next morning, neither losing faith in Him nor fearing the wrath of the Jewish rulers, they came to the tomb with myrrh to anoint His Body and to give Him their last respects. Because the women came to anoint Christís body with myrrh, they are called the Myrrh-Bearing Women.

On finding instead an empty tomb and having heard the joyful news from the angel, they were the first to preach the Resurrection. As a result, in the Orthodox Church they are called "Apostles to the Apostles; the First Preachers of the Resurrection."

The Holy and Equal-to-the Apostles, Myrrh-Bearer Mary Magdalene was the first to see and worship the risen Savior and to tell this to the Apostles.

There were many myrrh-bearing women, but from the Holy Gospel we know the names of only seven, these being: Saint Mary Magdalene; Saint Mary, wife of Cleophas; Salome, mother of the sons of Zebedee (Apostles James and John); Joanna, wife of Herodís steward; Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus; and Susana.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the Myrrh-Bearing Women on the second Sunday after Pascha (Easter).

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Historical Overview,

Myrrh Bearing Women Chapel

In 1988 the Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Orthodox Parish decided to purchase land, the site of McNiven School, from the Regina Board of Education on which to construct a Seniors complex.

In early 1989 an architectural firm was engaged to design the facility; the project, Selo Gardens, was completed in April, 1991. As part of the project, McNiven School was retained in which was developed the Selo Gardens Community Centre which includes the Myrrh-Bearing Women chapel.


Fr. George Podtepa initially started celebrating services in the lounge area of Selo Gardens and in 1993 it was decided to establish a permanent location for the chapel. The Ukrainian Womenís Association of Canada-Regina Branch completed the task of furnishing the chapel by 1995 and it was blessed two years later by Metropolitan Wasyly.

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Contact Information:

Fr. Michael Maranchuk, Parish Priest; 757-0445, 761-0480 or

Ernie Cherepuschak, Parish President; 543-5831, or

Edith Burianyk, Selo Chapel Committee, 585-0294

Pauline Kosteniuk, Selo Chapel Committee, 585-1941

Mary G. Koshman, Selo Chapel Committee, 543-6526

Fred Gabora, Selo Chapel Committee, 352-7929

Eunice Shiplack, Selo Chapel Committee, 586-8695

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Services & Activities:

The main services celebrated at the chapel are Litia, Divine Liturgies and Vesper Services. However other sacraments and rites such as Baptisms are occasionally celebrated at the chapel.

Normally Hours and Divine Liturgies on Sundays are celebrated at the Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Sobor), 1305 12th Ave., and on feast days that do not fall on a Sunday, services are celebrated at the Myrrh-Bearing Women chapel. In addition each Saturday at 4:30 p.m. there are Vespers at the chapel.

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