UOMA/TYC - Ukrainian Men's Association of Regina
UOMA/TYC Bulletin (word document)

Upcoming Events

December 9, 2014 Annual General Meeting of TYC/UOMA Regina at Selo Gardens.

January 10, 2014 2015 Malanka at the Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium

February 10, 2014 2015 Membership general meeting*

March 10, 2015 SUS Foundation fund raiser

May (date TBA) Trident Camp workbee (25 km north of Canora Sask.)

June (date TBA) Annual TYC Regina barbecue

August 5-9 USRL National Convention, Calgary Sunday,

November 29, Grey Cup Party & Raffle Draw Malanka 2016 (date TBA)

* TYC/UOMA Regina meet usually on the second tuesday of the month except in January, July & August when no meetings are held.

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Recent Projects and Activities of the UOMA/TYC Branch of Regina

Projects/Activities with the Community at Large

  • donated funds to purchase Broda and Geri chairs for the General and Pasqua hospitals.
  • donated funds to purchase an exercise unit, suitable for paraplegics, for the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre
  • donated $3000 to the Regina Hospitals Foundation to purchase a pulse oxymeter
  • donated $1300 to the Regina Hospitals Foundation toward a special electric bed
  • donated $2100 to the Regina Hospitals Foundation toward a vital signs monitor
  • donated $1500 to TYC national's Symposium 2014
  • donated $1000 toward the Bartholomew publication project, "Encountering the Mystery"
  • donated to UofR in support of CUSIP each year for a number of years.
  • donated to Sadochok Ukrainian Pre-School each year for a number of years.
  • donated $2500 to the Holodomor statue to be located at the Legislative building in Regina.


Projects/Activities within the Ukrainian Canadian Community

  • donated $3000 to refurbish the dining area at the St. Petro Mohyla Institute
  • for decades, have been the sponsors of Ukrainian language classes in Regina
  • continue to subsidize students attending summer camp at St. Petro Mohyla Institute, Trident and Green Grove camps
  • support various projects of the UCC-Regina
  • sponsored the annual Malanka in partnership with Travria Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble
  • cosponsor with the Ukrainian Professional and Business Association of Regina the Adult Ukrainian Language Immersion Course (AULIC) at Trident camp

Projects/Activities with Ukraine

  • donated $1500.00 to the Ukrainian Women's Association Branch in Regina in support of their purchase of a cardiograph for a children's hospital in Ukraine
  • contributed $4000.00 toward the publishing in Ukrainian (for distribution primarily in Ukraine) the book "The Orthodox Way" by Bishop Ware
  • supported TYC/USRA Nationalís Symposium 2014

Projects/Activities with the TYC/UOMA Locally and Otherwise

  • headed up the annual Trident Camp workbee
  • donated funds for furnishing and equipment for classrooms at Trident Camp
  • performed major renovations at Trident Camp and cover the cost of these renovations
  • held a silent auction as a fund raiser for the SUS Foundation.
  • arrange for speakers at the monthly meetings, topics in included:

- Daphne Bilokury on running the Marathon

- Murray Mandryk on Saskatchewan's political scene

- Troy Stack on investing strategies

- Presentation by Lucas Makowsky, olympic gold medalist

- Phyllis Kowalchuk on researching your family tree

- Selo Gardens Personal Care Home workbee

- Participated in The Ukrainian Folk Fest

- Presentation on wine making

- annual barbeque

- Trident Camp workbee

- Trident Camp Presentations

- Presentation by Andrew Curr on his experience in Afghanistan

- Jean Freeman on Saskatchewan and it's people

- Marion Mulata's presentation on her books

- Ukrainian museum of Canada fundraising campaign

- "Idle No More" presentaion

- Delegation to Constantinople

- Joint TYC/UNF presentation by Mykola Yakovyna

- Hosting the ukrainian students from Ivano-Frankivsk

- discussion on Sobor 2010

- Gerry Luciuk, TYC/UOMA Regina - past year in review

-Senator Raynell Andrychuk, discussion of the war in south eastern Ukraine and matters related thereto

Projects/Activities with Our Parish

  • Help organize and host (with Tavria) Malanka festivities.
  • Organized the SUS Foundation Fundraiser
  • Celebrate TYC/UOMA Regina's 50th Anniversary
  • Annual panakhyda in memory of TYC departed members
  • presented cheques to the students from our parish and grandchildren of our TYC/UOMA members who attended the summer camp at Trident Camp
  • assisted the Selo Gardens Personal Care Home with planting shrubs in front of Selo Gardens
  • Shashlyk lunch fundraiser
  • Grey Cup raffle ticket fundraiser

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Executive & Contacts




Fr. Michael Maranchuk

Wayne Hydeman

Orest Warnyca
Gerry Luciuk
Tony Harras
Tony Harras
Member at Large
Member at Large
Member at Large
Member at Large
Brian Fedak
James Chorney
Dr. Edward Klopoushak
Steve Senyk



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